Monde Makawula


I am very happy with the service and assistance I received from Lendcor and would recommend to my friends to see Lendcor for assistance if they want to build their houses. I am also happy knowing that once my house is complete and I have finished repaying Lendcor, I will not owe anyone. I will just enjoy living in my house!”

















About RHLF


The Rural Housing Loan Fund (RHLF) is a Section 21 Company,” Associated Not for Gain”, which was established in 1996 by the national Department of Housing, South Africa with initial grant funding from the German development bank, the Kreditanstalt "fur Weiderbaufbau (KFW). RHLF was set up as a wholesale development finance institution with the mandate of enabling low income earners to access small loans that they could afford to repay. Borrowers use these loans to incrementally improve their housing conditions. As a wholesale finance institution, RHLF facilitate housing microloans through intermediary or retail housing finance lenders. These partners borrow funds from RHLF and on-lend to individual borrowers throughout the rural areas of South Africa, including small towns and secondary cities. Our intermediary lenders enable RHLF to reach all nine provinces of South Africa.