Mr and Mrs Setheiso are a married couple living at Kanana, Orkney with three children who are
still school going. The married couple have been residing in an RDP house since 2009, after
having applied for the RDP house in 2005. The household has access to electricity, tap water
inside the house as well as a flush toilet.
Mr and Mrs Setheiso took two loans from a RHLF intermediary lender, Norufin Housing
Finance of R20 000 and R10 000 for house extension in September 2015 and the other in
December 2015. Their RDP house was partly demolished and they built a nine roomed house (as
per pictures above) done by a local builder. The couple had the house plan for extension
approved by the local municipality.
The borrowers are both employed in the private sector, they used both loans along with their own
savings to do the house extension and to pay for a local builder who helped them to extend the
house. The family was happy with the house given to them by government but extended the
house because it was too small for the household needs. The family plans to use their savings to
plaster and paint the house, pave the yard, install ceilings as well as to tile the floors.