Monde Makawula


I am very happy with the service and assistance I received from Lendcor and would recommend to my friends to see Lendcor for assistance if they want to build their houses. I am also happy knowing that once my house is complete and I have finished repaying Lendcor, I will not owe anyone. I will just enjoy living in my house!”


















Mr Sabata Mokhali
I am one of the few male members of the Sweet Harmony Stokvel , working in the private sector and earn R6000. I received a R13 850 loan from the Stokvel. I have so far managed to add extensions all the way around my RDP house. In the front of my house I have also stockpiled building material to complete the extensions. I would like to apply for another loan to finish the roofing of my house once I am done paying off my current loan.








Lucy Mogopodi
I am a mother of one and am a government employee; I received a loan for the value of R19 700. I am adding a garage to my home, while sand and bricks are stockpiled in the front of my house to complete the structure. I did the extensions via our local builder whom I paid R4800.










Mr Lawrence Mhlongo
I received a loan for R30 000 from Real People in May 2011 and am paying a monthly repayment of R2 020 per month, which is affordable to me. I have not yet missed a monthly repayment; with this I am busy building a rondavel. I have also bought a grass cutter with some of the loan money so that I can make an extra income by cutting my neighbours’ gardens. I even put up a fence around my yard for security purposes with the loan money.









Ms Thembani Mngadi
I received a loan of R23 000 from Real People, to supplement my personal savings of R61 000 to build me a new house. I started this project in September 2011 and although it is not finished, the house is habitable and only needs some finishing cosmetic touches. I am building a 3 bed-roomed house, which was previously a BNG house and demolished to build me new house. The BNG house was too small and was badly built, so I decided to demolish it. I used local builder which was very affordable for me and am comfortably affording my repayment of R1 486 per month, which I will be repaying for a period of 24 months.









Ms Ethwell Thusi
I am building a new house, started my project in January 2012; I currently live with my family at my parent’s house. My parent’s house is small and cannot accommodate all of us comfortably; hence I decided to build a new house. I received two loans of R40 000 and R8 000 through Build It, the building material supplier. I am comfortably affording my monthly repayments and so far I have not yet skipped any payments. I am utilizing the services of a local builder, who comes at a very affordable rate.










Nonhlanhla Ngobese, Lindelani Township
"Our household has 6 people and only three are currently working. This is my house and I live here with my child. The other members of the household use the other 2 houses in the yard. It rains a lot here! I just could not bear the roof leaks anymore. I used to move from one spot to another whenever it rained and I really feared that my only child would get sick. However, I could not afford to buy new material all at once with the meager salary I earned as a cook in a restaurant. When I went to a building materials supplier in Durban to enquire about buying on credit, they advised me that Lendcor can assist me with a loan to improve my living condition. In February 2004, I borrowed R1 000 from Lendcor and I am repaying the loan over 6 months. I used the money to buy corrugated iron and paid a local builder to quickly replace the old, leaking roof with the new one. I also bought windows and cement. I don't have to worry anymore when it rains. I will be even happier when the builder has finished plastering my house. I have lost my job thought; but my aunt is helping me finish off repaying the loan. Once I have a new job, I will certainly go back to Lendcor for another loan and improve my house even further! I love this house and would not like to leave it."


Charles Khumalo, Mashishing, Lydenburg
"My name is Charles Khumalo. I live in Lydenburg Ext. 2 with my wife and two children. I am employed as a councilor. My wife works for an optometrist in Burgersfort and commutes everyday. My wife received an RDP house before we got married. After we got married we changed the title deed to both our names. We decided to extend the house to accommodate our growing family and we have always also wanted to have a big house. I saw Indlu pamphlets at municipal offices. I had also seen the billboard at the entrance of Mashishing Township. I went to Indlu to borrow R10 000 to add to the R30 000 we had already saved to extend the house. They did a credit assessment, approved my loan and deposited the requested amount into my bank account. I received a building advice handbook, but plan for my house was drawn by an architect. I then hired a local builder to do the work for me. I added four rooms: a lounge, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom to the basic RDP house we had. The loan repayment is deducted monthly from my salary. The house is not yet complete as you can see but we are happy with what we have so far. After finishing repaying the loan I will go back to Indlu for another loan for plastering and plumbing. In future I would like to add two more rooms and a garage. I see my house as an investment, one day I will sell it and hopefully get a bigger and better property elsewhere."


Lina Lucy Mathethwa - Mashishing, Lydenburg
"My name is Lina Lucy Mathethwa. I live in a two-roomed tin shack with my four children. I am employed as a house mother at Estralita School, a boarding school for the disabled. After working there for 12 years, I am now a supervisor. I am divorced, but my former husband pays maintenance for the children. My children are still at school and I'm the bread winner in the family. We currently live in a tin shack.

I heard about Indlu from Ikwekwezi FM in December 2002. I first went to a building-material supplier to get a quote for material in order to build the house I wanted. I had saved R10 000, which was not enough for the house that I wanted. I went to Indlu in January 2004 to borrow R15 000 to add to my savings. I started building my seven-roomed house from scratch. After approving my loan, Indlu paid money directly to the building-material supplier. Building material was delivered soon thereafter. I used my savings to pay a local builder and buy additional materials. I plan to apply for another Indlu loan so that I could plaster the house and have a decent roof.

I am very happy with the loan. I can't wait to move into my new house which will definitely be more homely and safer for me and my children."


Sibongile MaNgema Mthethwa - Thulasi Reserve, Mandeni
"My name is Sibongile and I stay here with my daughter and son. My son is unemployed and is looking for work. My daughter is a teacher at Hayinyama. My husband has other two wives, so he visits occasionally.

I am very proud of my daughter Philile! Look a this house - it's a mansion! It used to be a two room house, but now you cannot tell. Philile heard about Lendcor from Built It in Mandeni when she went there to enquire about getting building materials on credit. She already had a house plan.

She applied for two successive loans from Lendcor. She obtained 2 loans of R6 000 to add to her savings, which were used to add a bedroom, lounge/dining room, toilet and bathroom. The new house has three bedrooms. The house has electricity and connection was also made possible by the loan from Lendcor. The local builder who helped build this house also did a beautiful job as you can see. Philile has promised me that as soon as she finishes paying the current loan, she will go back to Lendcor to borrow money for ceiling.

My daughter has really assisted in improving our housing condition. We are the envy of the neighbourhood! Although, Philile is about to get married, she has given all of us in this house a gift we will never forget - a decent house to live in. I am glad Lendcor was there when Philile needed help."


Johnny Joka - Ashton, Western Cape
"My name is Johnny Joka and I live in a small town called Ashton in the Western Cape. I am married with 4 kids. I am employed by Tiger brands. My wife works seasonally at the wine farms here in Ashton. We do not make enough money, but we are trying to improve our lives with the little that we have.

I borrowed an amount of R5 300.00 to extend my house. The repayments are deducted monthly from my bank account. I have added 3 more rooms, which are almost complete. Once I finish repaying my current loan, I will take out another loan so that I can add a ceiling to the extra rooms. I have never received any assistance or subsidy from government. I built my house on my own. Our
children are still young, so we thought it would be better to extend our house now before we have to pay high school fees when they go to school."